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Your CV is a personal marketing document used for sale to potential employers. You should tell them about yourself and your career, skills, abilities, and achievements. It describes why to choose you for this job. To make sure to provide the best relevant information to the hiring manager, think of structuring your CV in different sections like education and qualification, extracurricular activities, skills, and volunteer work. Here are some tips to make a professional CV

How to make a professional CV?

Write the objective of a CV

The objective is often placed at the top of your CV to attract the attention of the hiring manager. Writing a clear and concise CV goal can quickly give employers a context of where you are in your career, what you are looking for, as well as the strengths and experiences that make it ideal for the job.

Research CV keywords

Due to a large number of applications received, employers do not necessarily have a lot of time to review each CV received. To know the right words to include in your CV,  review the job descriptions very carefully that interest you. Pay particular attention to sections that can be titled as the job responsibilities and eligibility criteria.

Education and experience

In your CV for your first job, the education department may be more important to the employer than another experience. Understand your fields of study and grade level can help you provide context for the value it can bring to the business.

Volunteer work and Co-curricular activities

Highlighting extracurricular activities and volunteering experiences can help add context to the value you will bring as an employee. These activities bring great real-world experience that is valuable to employers and allows them to develop soft and challenging skills in candidates.

Include a personal cover letter

Although a cover letter is not always mandatory, it can be a particularly useful context for employers applying for a job for the first time. A thoughtful cover letter may indicate that you have made great efforts to prepare your application and give you additional space to write your qualifications for the position.

A  CV is a very important step towards your job. It shows not only what employers have done, but what they can do. Think of it as an introduction to one of the most credible and viable people in the world.

After you create a professional CV then the time is to apply for the latest job vacancies. Remember, all your jobs hunt start from a professional resume/cv.


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