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Do you know what is cover letter for CV? When finding a new job, cover letters can be the most underrated part of the submission process. This is mainly because most of us are not sure of the importance of the cover letter. But a well-written cover letter is the best way to stand out and help sell your application, let alone convince a recruiter that you are the right fit for the job. Cover letter differs from a biography as it is not a general description of your skills and experience, it is specifically tailored to the desired work, allowing you to feature the areas that make you the perfect fit for the position.

What is cover letter for CV?

Importance of cover letter

In simple terms, your cover letter is the easiest and most effective way to stand out from the crowd. When you apply for a job, it brings something more: your employer will learn more about you, your personality and what you really want from the job, as well as why you are applying. Since your cover letter is meant to be short and simple, your cover letter is the best way to illustrate your accomplishments.

What are the important elements of a cover letter?

Although cover letters are less solid than biographies, you should always include some things. Here are the five basic things you should try to cover in your cover letter:

  1. Your personal data
  2. Name of recruiting manager
  3. What makes you best for this job
  4. What can you do for the company?
  5. Final statements


Tips for writing your cover letter

To ensure what you have written in your cover letter is logical and easy enough to read, here are some basic rules to follow for your cover letter:

  • Be concise
  • Keep the paragraphs short and straight.
  • Write your statements with facts and figures.
  • Use professional font
  • Check grammar
  • Use the right template

Make sure to know who to talk to. Don’t address like To Whom It May Concern. Know the name of the person who is expected to read the cover letter. It may take a little effort, but it is worth it. When you know the person you are addressing, you can also try to contact that person to ask questions.  Keep it in mind to get more information about our company so you can tailor your cover letter to work.

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