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You must have heard the terms resume and CV but the differences between the two are not understood by all. However, this does not mean that these words mean exactly the same thing. There are some specific characteristics of these two documents because of their writing type and function. The Curriculum Vitae is a detailed document that can be divided into two or more pages. It contains a lot of details about your achievements, more than a career. The curriculum vitae cover your educational background, as well as any other achievement. While a resume is a short document that usually does not contain more than one page because the reader will not stop in your document for a long time. The purpose of a resume is to make the person stand out from other candidates.

Three major differences in terms of layout and design in Resume and CV are

  1. Size difference

The standard size of a resume can be up to two pages long. However, it is best to adjust the content on a page. On the other hand, a CV has no size limit, this document can contain up to 10 pages or more. Therefore, a resume is a much better way.

  1. Style difference

A resume is more like a marketing tool; while on the other hand, a resume is a type of bibliography.

  1. Briefness difference

Resume will focus on key points, achievements, and skills while the CV should cover all the details that indicate your educational and practical experience. The last paragraph of the resume looks exhausting.


The main differences between resume and CV are listed as follows

  • A resume is a summary of your experience and skills in one or two pages while a CV is more detailed.
  • Resume focus on skills while CV focuses on academic achievements.
  • A resume is used to apply for employment in industry, non-profit and public sectors while CV is used for applying in grants, scholarships, and academia.
  • The resume consists of no more than two pages, with an extra page for publications while the CV length depends on experience and consists of a complete list of posters, presentations, and publications.

Whether you are writing a resume or a CV, be sure to include your personal information and contact information so that the company can contact you. If you do not include clear contact information, your odds of getting a job are quite minimal.

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