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When you get a job the first thing that you get from your employer is the job letter. There are many things that you must discuss before getting the job because some Claus is not included that you think already have in the contract. So, you must check the appointment letter proper and see the company add the same terms and condition that you discus early with them or not. If you never check it, you may get trouble, for example, you want increment after three months but in the offer letter, they forget to add this Claus and you also ignore it so, after three months you can’t be able to claim for increment.

What to Look out for in a Job offer letter

Things that you must check in your job offer letter:

1. Pay and Compensation Package:

First of all, you have to check the pay package, is it according to your expectations or as per you discuss with the manager. If it is the same as you require, come to the next point. Check how much company compensates you in which ways? Is it according to the job position or not. After full satisfaction, you can jump to the next point.

2. Other Benefits:

Every company offers different types of benefits like offer free accommodation, free conveyance, bonus on national and regional events, how much holidays you can take in an emergency or other important events with salary, etc. so, you must check the benefits that your company giving to you. All these things need to be discussed before sign a contract with any organization.

3. Contract dates:

This is the main thing that you must consider on a priority basis. The starting date of the contract and the ending date must check. In the case of contract break, what kind of issues you will face, if you break it and how much the company pays for their mistake. Check all these things before the signature.

Moreover, if you have any complain or think that any of the terms is not appropriate; you can discuss with the manager and remove or replace it with any other condition. With this, you can keep yourself away from any mistake and save your future career.


The job offer letter is the main and basic letter of the job that decides all the facilities, the company offers to you, according to your post in the company. Hopefully, i will have cleared your idea regarding what to look out for in a job offer letter. Tune with us for more useful article; keep visiting gulfjobs1.com

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