Privacy Policy is one of the websites that allows you to find the latest job vacancies in Gulf countries like Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia etc. This page explains that how collects and use information from user.

Your Personal Information:

 We do not collect any personal information from our website’s users until they decide to give us. When you browse our website and download something or read pages, just the basic information will be collected about your visit, but it will not disclose you. This helps us only to improve our website’s performance to know from where our visitors are coming. E.g. Google analytics tag or facebook pixel tags, etc.

Information Stored

 All web-servers have the capability to retrieve the IP addresses automatically. The purpose of recording the IP address is just for troubleshooting; e.g. identifying the unauthorized changing or uploading information.

The Info You Provide:

 The visitors can subscribe to our jobs alerts and for that reason we ask users to provide their email address if they want to provide; however, it is optional. After the subscription the user will get alerts about new jobs. Besides, we can also ask from users if they want to receive push notifications on their browsers regarding new job vacancies.


Our website is secured with SSL; if you give any credit/ debit card information, it will be encrypted and the user will not be able to hack your information. However, we don’t have any option for online transaction and don’t collect these kind of information.

Changes: can bring some small changes in the privacy policy. However, users’ information security and confidentiality will remain the same. If you want to keep yourself updated regarding these changes you may visit our website periodically to keep yourself up to date.

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